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Julia Elliott

Doula - Childbirth Educator - CPR Instructor

Hello! I have been serving families near Topeka, KS as a Postpartum and Birth Doula since 2019 and as a Childbirth Educator since 2020. My journey into birth work started with my own journey of learning about fertility and a holistic care of myself. This fueled a passion for empowering the women around me to take control of their own journey.

As the youngest in a large family, I have been around babies, pregnancies and birth stories more often than not throughout my life. I find myself naturally drawn to caring for others and helping them reach their goals. All I needed was to witness one birth for the calling into birth work as a Doula and Childbirth Educator to combine all these experiences into one path!


My knowledge and experience with how trustworthy the motherbaby dyad is in birth has been cemented even more since my own home birth experience in April 2022. Our own amazing birth happened with the help of education as a couple, support from a team of doulas, and the trust built with our provider. You can have that too!

Born and raised near Topeka, KS, I was educated at home by my parents and challenged above my ‘grade’ by my older siblings.

Now I am learning the art of homesteading and small acreage farming with my husband on our property near Meriden, KS. When I’m not supporting families in the birth they choose, the transition into a new family dynamic, teaching comfort measures or choking relief for infants, you may find me out cooking or thrifting with family and friends, soaking in the peace of nature with my horses or chickens, or cuddled up with a good book and a dog.

I am currently not taking Doula clients, but teach childbirth classes at Thrive Chiropractic and offer hybrid options to those who prefer a self-paced online format.

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