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#dream, then live it

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I’m a dreamer. I haven’t always been, but I am now.

I find myself thinking of all of these things that I could do in my life, all of the things that could come to be! And it fills me up. It stirs my heart. But it also overwhelms me.

There are just not enough hours in the day to LEARN everything I want to learn, or SERVE everyone I want to serve, or READ everything I want to read. Ever since I left my job as a bank Teller, I have had so many more opportunities open up. I have grasped onto several all at once and spent the past 4 months balancing three different part time jobs, two paying and one bartering, along with sharing my love of Young Living and their products. On top of that my involvement in serving at my local church body has increased. And of course, I have my home life caring for my man, our fur-child and sweet little house!

Let’s just say I’ve been very tired. And I haven’t had proper boundaries between everything I’ve been doing. That is no Bueno! It has really made me step back and think about how much I can truly do. There are four different certifications that I want to achieve between all of my different jobs. But I’ve realized that I can’t do all of them at once. Some of them will take quite a bit of time and others just need me focus completely on them to actually get somewhere. So that’s what I am doing!

This week I received my first certification for First Aid, CPR and AED!!!! I am super thrilled!

I started working as the office assistant at Kansas CPR earlier this year and have thoroughly enjoyed the work! Yes, sometimes it’s stresses me out, but it’s another instance of me learning to let things roll off instead of taking it personally.

My boss is super generous and offered from the beginning to certify me as a CPR Instructor. Really it would be a win-win. It didn’t take me very long to decided that was something I wanted. I love the work! And I love helping people! So sooner than later, I will be scheduling my own classes on my own time. At this stage in my life, this set up is a major blessing!

But ya know, it also means that I have to make some sacrifices in the other areas of my life. Life is a process, and so often I just want everything to be true RIGHT NOW! Not how it works…So I’m choosing the best thing now and trusting that the rest will fall into place when it needs to. Even if I don’t achieve those other certifications, there will be other dreams coming true in my life!

My life is currently focused on CPR, with a minor focus on horses, wellness and whatever other ministry God calls me towards. And it’s a good life! A very good life.


This post is brought to you by the Weekly Song!

This week’s song is Good Life by The Young Escape

It’s hitting me more and more that everything I do, everything I dream is flowing from Father God’s heart. And it’s because of Him that my life is woven is this perfect chaos that I call a ‘good life’.

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