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Tips for Morning Sickness

So you're pregnant. And now you are facing one of the most common symptoms: Morning sickness. Ugh. And it's not just the morning!

You would think that by now we would change the name to something a bit more accurate. Like the 24 hour queasies. Or puking all the time.

Or maybe we'll keep morning sickness, cause at least it gives some image of eloquence and hope that it won't rule your whole life.

Good news is often there are things that can help you reduce or rid yourself of this nasty sidekick. Or rather, stomachkick.

  1. Eat before you go to bed

Get something into your stomach before you settle in each night. This will keep something there for it to work on further into the night. Which ties into our next tip.

2. Graze all day

KEEP something in your stomach. But not too much. Eating smaller amounts more often in your day can help. It keeps your blood sugar level. After all, you have a higher call for your energy right now.

3. Eat more Protein

You should be upping your protein intake just for the pure fact you are growing a baby. But it does play a role in holding back nausea also, because it helps balance blood sugar. Each morning, and even when you get up to pee, have some high protein snack handy to keep your stomach at bay.

4. Acupressure or Sea Bands

Using Sea bands has been shown to reduce the frequency and intensity of morning sickness. These are a cheap, easy option to try!

5. Ginger Tea or Candies

Ginger is a common trick to reduce nausea during pregnancy or in general. You can find ginger tea at your local grocery store, make your own, or use pregnancy specific products like this from Pink Stork. Peppermint is another good option.

6. Safe Essential Oils

Essential oils have come to be a normal part of society. You hear about them and see them all over the place now. They have made a big impact on a lot of peoples' lives. And despite the recent surge into the modern radar, they have been used for thousands of years. Plants are well known for they medicinal qualities. Essential oils offer the therapeutic benefits of plants. Two things you should consider when choosing to use essential oils:

  1. The quality of the product.

  2. The safety of the oil and method for your use and situation

There are a lot of brand out there. I personally have found that the only brand I will use is Young Living. They have practices well beyond the typical organic and sustainable practices recommended. Don't take my word for it. Research it yourself.

So when you find the brand you want to use, now you need to make sure you understand what is safe for you and your growing baby! I recommend Betsy Bosom's Baby Book. It is a great resource for oil safety during pregnancy and after baby is born!

I bet you're thinking "enough of that, just give me some tips!" Don't worry. I got you! Grab that Ginger, Peppermint, Spearmint or Cardamom oil and diffuse that baby all up in your house! You can also combine two or more for all of their benefits.

Last but not least...

7. Hydrate!

Get yourself a 20oz water bottle, at least! Fill that baby up and sip and sip and sip and sip. And did I say sip? During pregnancy you will increase your blood volume by 50%. Say what!?! Yeah, that's right. So if there's a time for drinking, and I mean simple H2O, it's now. Dehydration can make your nausea worse. So get an app, get a water bottle with a timetable, or set reminders on your phone (and have your partner bug you). Get your drinking in! Also if you have a hard time drinking plain water, add citrus or cucumber or other fancy things. I also recommend Young Living's Vitality drops with electrolytes. Taste great. Sweetened with stevia, so no sugar. And the added benefits of electrolytes and essential oils to keep you hydrated.

Phew!....we made it through. This is not an exhaustive list. And hopefully you didn't get exhausted reading it! Pregnancy is a time of changes and transition. Lot of things to consider and be aware of. Little things like these are just the tip of what I provide my doula clients. Tips and tricks? I've got 'em!

Share your experiences!


This post is brought to you by the Song of the Week!

This week's song is Feel it Still by Portugal the Man

Because sometimes when you deal with nausea, you just...feel it still.

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