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Food for Thought

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I’ve gotten a lot of unintended flack over the years for the way I eat. And just to be clear, the things y’all say do impact me. Here are some thoughts I have when that tension comes up.

▪️I’m not some “super human” healthy person. I’ve learned what’s good for my body through research and experience. It’s been a journey. One food, one choice at a time. Don’t say you couldn’t do it, cause babe, you can. You just don’t want to have self control. I know that pain, but it’s not a fruit of the spirit for no reason. It’s worth it, and the rewards are way more valuable than you can imagine. And I’m not just talking about food anymore. Sex, relationship (with humans or animals), conflict, boundaries, exercise, diet, habits, hustle. If you don’t have self control, you’ll crash and burn. And then wonder why.

▪️It’s also a spiritual journey for me. The choices I make go through a filter of prayer and the Bible. It’s not a decision I make on my own. It’s a journey I walk with Jesus. He recently showed me, or rather reaffirmed, that what happens in the unseen manifests in the physical. And for that moment it meant that the energy and self control I put into my spirit and soul health shows itself in my physical health. I can spend every day making strict decisions to care for my body, but when I don’t care for my spirit and soul by finding healing in God, I’m gonna crash and burn.

▪️You can have all the discipline in the world to care for your body, but you won’t see real healing or shift until your spirit shifts to God. I know because the past few years I was set on a certain way of caring for myself. And last year some stuff broke me in soul and spirit. All the ‘healthy’ choices didn’t matter to me anymore, and I went into survival mode. But in that time God showed up in ways I didn’t believe He would. And He healed my spirit and soul in these deep, dark cracks I didn’t know were there.

And now? I am basking in the glory of whole foods! I really do crave this stuff. BTW, this 🍠 is breakfast for me. 😋 When your being is healthy, or getting healthy, you want the good stuff, the real stuff. I still like chocolate and sugar, but it doesn’t take long before my being reminds me it’s poison. Same with gluten. 😏 My body doesn’t like it, but can handle a small amount.

My diet at the moment is mainly vegan, for reasons I’m not ready to share yet. Being intentional in this way and learning how to change habits and look for alternatives is cementing things that are happening inside. God is good at healing us, and He likes to make it fun and affirming. Yeah, it came from a really broken season, but even plants need to be pruned to produce their best! I’m not scared to be pruned, because He REALLY love us. ♥️


This post is brought to you by the Weekly Song!

This week’s song is No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus by Steffany Gretzinger

This song sums up my relationship with Jesus. He’s always been the only One who really gets me and the One I feel safe with. He’s the best and the most important. ♥️

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