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Healthy Preggo Snacks!

If you've known me for very long, you know how much I enjoy food!

It goes beyond simply needing fuel for my day. I find eating to be a community experience and also appreciate the spiritual implications of feeding my body well. When I eat with others, I understand them more. I see their likes and dislikes. When I feel better, I am better able to connect with people emotionally and spiritually. Kinda important as a Doula and Instructor!

So what are some snacks you can enjoy while expecting sweet baby AND know that you are fueling your body well for both of you and your upcoming birth?!

Let's choose something high in protein:

  • Hummus Dip with Fresh Veggies (Or fruit if you get chocolate hummus 😋)

  • Boiled egg (add slices of avocado for some flavor and more healthy fat)

  • A clean protein shake. My favorite vegan protein powder is from Sunwarrior.

  • Yogurt with granola, nuts and/or fruit

  • Smoothies🥤 Use frozen mixed fruit, your go-to milk, and a bit of cinnamon and vanilla extract for a quick clean smoothie. Add sweetener if desired. Bananas bring a LOT of sweetness. Add greens for more nutrients. I promise if you don't over do it, you can't taste it. I've even added avocado! (Add protein powder to get the protein intake up!)

  • Make a bowl of mixed nuts, dried fruit, fresh veggies and cheese (a little of everything to keep every bite different!)

  • My favorite, quick, clean high protein waffle recipe. I make extra to have some for snacks!

  • Toast and toppings. Choose a high quality, high nutrition bread and spread with a nut butter, avocado and meat, or your favorite beans, mushed and seasoned.

  • All the fruit and veggies!

Man, these all sound so good that I want to go get one!

What's your favorite snack not listed?!? Or maybe you have a different way to eating one of these. Share with me!


This post is brought to you by the Song of the Week!

This weeks song is: Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

This song is sooo cozy and happy. Turn it on while you make that snack. And maybe do a little dancing too.

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