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My Favorite Wellness Tricks

What do you do when you feel that ickiness coming on?

This morning I woke up with the telltale signs of a cold coming on. No fun! And instead of managing and carrying out my day with half senses, I decided to take action and engage with what my body is doing. I made a plan with what I know and asked my wise woman friend for more tips.

She told me "illness is a detox".

With that context, I decided to get out of my body's way and support it through this detox. I should also add that I had a raindrop massage this week, and my body has been processing a lot of stuff since then.

#1 Vitamin C

I started taking tablets of Vit C throughout the day to support my immune support and help detox.

#2 Dry Brushing

This technique is used to help stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, exfoliate and help clear out toxins. Because of all of these things, you may notice increased energy!

Here's a more in depth look at the benefits of dry brushing, as well as a how-to:

#3 Detox Bath/Essential Oils

1 cup of epsom salt with 19 drops of the essential oil blend Egyptian Gold mixed in to a warm bath. Why 19? I muscle tested and that's the number my body told me. (More on muscle testing near the end.) I soaked for as long as I wanted and was comfortable. I don't actually know how long it was. Caution: if you are pregnant and using essential oils, be sure you are using safe oils and feel comfortable with the dosage!

I also have applied several oils throughout the day. Peppermint on my spinal vitaflex points on my feet, Abundance over my heart (I was craving it), Juvaflex in my bellybutton (good for liver detox and general wellness), a homemade Sinus blend over my forehead, bridge of nose and behind ears.

#4 Detox Tea/Warm Water

I made myself Dandelion root detox tea and made sure to be drinking warm water all day.

These are the tools I typically go to when I am feeling run down. Today I also added a few things that my wise woman shared with me.

#5 Sleep

I took a nap! Our society has a pride about living off of little sleep. Producing is valued over wholeness. And this break with good sleep prevents our hormones and systems from functioning as they are designed. And then there is inflammation, imbalance, and deficiency.

#6 Lymphatic Massage

One reason our bodies don't process out toxins well is a stagnant lymphatic system. This type of massage keeps popping up in different parts of my life, so I decided it was time I learned and started it myself. Here is the video I found to start out!

#7 T-Tapp Hoedowns

This is part of an exercise program that is designed to help your body reset and support your hormones and lymphatic system and allow your body to shed the extra crud(i.e. toxins, fat, inflamation) that it isn't able to get out. I don't know a lot about this program yet. As I learn more and explore, I will share with you! In the meantime, you can try the hoedowns for yourself and let me know what you think!

#8 EFT/Tapping

Sometimes our bodies manifest symptoms because of emotions stuck inside. EFT is a way to acknowledge a feeling and allow it to process out of our body and think about it without the physical aspect. It's a way of release. And it's super easy!

Guess what? I feel WAY better! The gross feeling I had in my head is gone. I still have some clearing out to do. I still have some healing. Yet thanks to these easy things, I am heading in the right direction.

These tricks are not for everyone. I encourage you to tap into your intuition and awareness of what your body is asking for. One way you can do that is by using muscle testing. It's a way to ask read your body signs on whether it needs something or not. Check out this video to see what it is.


This post is brought to you by the Song of the Week!

This weeks song, or rather album, is: The Indian Road

I find Native American music to be some of the most healing music. I played it while I was sleeping to help myself relax and release into what my body needed.

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