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What would you grab?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The house is on fire. You have 60 seconds to get your most treasured possessions out. What would you grab?

Since leaving my full-time position as a bank Teller, I have been forced to take a giant step back from my life. A lot of this time has been spent weighing the importance of different aspects and things that take my time and energy. It is a consistent season of downsizing. Yes, I will admit to becoming a minimalist this year!

Between editing our budget and filling 50 gallon trash bags with clothes or trash, I have been forced to say ‘no’ to the materialism and fear that has been taking harbor in my heart unbeknownst to me.

Reducing your material footprint in the world or choosing to be intentional about how you spend every single penny, is stretching. I know a lot of people think they could not do it. I will be honest and admit that I never thought I would want a life this simple. What I am discovering in this process of purging and intentional living is that I am way more enthused about living without the extra than I believed was possible!

That last statement speaks to the richness and overabundance of our culture. I sit here in the top 1% of richest people in the world. To give you some context, if you make $32,000 a year or year, you are in that 1% as well. And what exactly do we find so taxing about choosing to live with less? It’s uncomfortable. It can hurt. You will have to say ‘no’ to keep saying ‘yes’ to your goals and priorities.

But that’s not a new concept. We use it in our relationships, in our wellness regamines, in every part of our life. Whenever you say ‘no’ to something. There is always a ‘yes’ as well. Knowing that my yes is my dreams, my passions, and in the long run, my family, makes giving up the big things easier. Giving the small things away is nothing.

As spring has been showing itself with torrents and winds, my radar for my TRUE treasure has been tested. When a chance of dangerous weather appeared, I walked through my house making a list of those possessions that I felt I could never replace. There were two: two inanimate objects that have voices of their own, and I would regret allowing those voices to die.

With this short list I found that my answer to the 60 second question. What would I grab? My family and the symbols of my heritage.

When I come to a crossroad, take my money, take my gadgets. If I have my family, I am home.


This post is brought to you by the Weekly Song!

This week’s song is Tools by Andrew Peterson

I am formed by the people who came before me, by the people who are around me now, not by the decimal point in my bank account or how many pairs of $100 dress shoes I have in the closet. This song reminds me of how much more we receive from our family than material or tangible things.

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